The Lifeline belongs to the family of belay devices, the purpose of which is to protect employees while working at height. The use of the Lifeline minimizes the risk of the pendulum effect.

The mobile anchor point provides free movement in a wide working area. The simplicity of the system allows easy adaptation to various construction conditions.

The system supporting poles work with all types of fixing holes offered by the SAS system.

The versatility and flexibility of the system are ensured by fixing holes embedded in concrete, as well as concrete ballasts.

The Lifeline protects the user against falls from a height and increases work safety on the construction site, as well as prevents trips and falls during work.

This simple and flexible safety system with a light, modular design, extremely easy and intuitive to install, saves lives in the event of a fall.

It can be easily stored and transported.

The Lifeline conforms to the norms: