słupek wygrodzeniowy

Fence posts

Galvanized steel post, characterized by lightness and simplicity, which allows to keep the fencing net. The square foot makes it easy to fix the post at a fixed height, which makes it easier and faster to install in the ground. It has two reflective fields that significantly increase its visibility.

 It has a height of 120 cm and is used to make a warning barrier informing of the approach to a dangerous zone. It is used on construction sites, during repairs, for road works, to protect deep excavations. An example application is to fence off the area where earthworks are carried out that cause a potential risk of an accident, i.e. fall from height, dangerous wetland, etc.


Features light weight, flexibility and strength. For use on construction sites, during repair and road works. Allows to fence off and protect dangerous areas such as slopes, excavations or landslides. Orange color provides excellent visibility.

A variety of safety products are available in our company’s wide range of products. One of them is, among others, temporary balustrade, which is characterized by first-class properties and technical parameters. We are a manufacturer, engaged for years in the production of products, as well as equipment that affect safety and occupational health. Browse through our product catalogs and learn more about edge protection of the highest quality. Edge protection is a real Must Have on any construction site.