Stairs Modulo

Technical Documentation Modulo N Stairways Capacity

With the development of construction and with the development of industrial process optimization systems, the issue of communication between workplaces has become important from a safety and economic point of view.

Stairs Modulo was designed based on the requirements described in EN 12811 – Temporary structures used at construction sites – Conditions for execution and general design principles.

Szczegółowy opis produktu:

By juxtaposing the requirements arising from health and safety regulations, economic factors, ergonomics and experience learned from discussions and meetings with clients, we have developed a system that ensures efficient movement between working levels to ensure optimal communication, efficient transport of light tools and construction materials, with the possibility of quick disassembly and assembly at another location where the current work is performed.

 Temporary stairways on the construction site provide three basic facilities:

  • easy, quick and efficient movement between work levels
  • the ability to be quickly dismantled, moved to another location and reassembled, thus streamlining construction, renovation work
  • when working on the facade, provide efficient and rapid movement, changing the location of the traffic route

We designed the requirements for the angle of the stairs, their width, step depth, load-bearing capacity, so as to easily realize a specific communication route, meeting the customer’s requirements for usability and optimal cost. We deliver the stairs to the site in their entirety, and after simple operations, i.e. setting the required angle of inclination, they are ready to be set up on site within minutes. The range of adjustment of the angle of the staircase is between 35° and 55°, its installation, setting can be realized wherever it is necessary to use the passage between levels.  

Construction stairs are a structure that definitely affects the daily operation at any construction sites. In addition, with the continuous development of this industry, stairs are currently even required to comply with the description of the EN 12811 standard. We constantly strive to meet the needs of our customers, who also on construction sites want to distinguish themselves with professionalism, as well as following market innovations. Find out more about what we have prepared in our product catalogs especially for you.


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