LiteMesh safety nets

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Specific Situations

The LiteMESH system (LiteMESH nets) is designed to protect the outer edges of buildings and is also used to secure work on lower levels and to protect walkways.

The safety net catches falling objects and at the same time protects people below.

Szczegółowy opis produktu:

LiteMESH mesh is a combination of two nets with wide and fine mesh. It captures large objects as well as small items and even semi-liquid materials such as mortar, etc. The system provides easy, universal and fast installation to the face and top of the ceiling and wall. Due to the lightness and flexibility of the system, it is also possible to adapt it to any building conditions, which makes it extremely versatile. LiteMESH mesh provides fast and inexpensive protection of construction and renovation works and other works requiring increased safety. With our Lite MESH nets, you can easily and quickly protect passageways from falling objects. Safety nets manufactured by STRUMIN are also characterized by low weight and possibility of manual assembly. Thanks to their construction they guarantee high flexibility of use and at the same time they are extremely economical. Lightweight construction, simple and intuitive assembly, simple and flexible system, universal fastening adapter, adjustable net inclination – all these make Lite MESH nets irreplaceable on every construction site and more. Additionally, our safety nets can be folded, which makes them much easier to store and transport. STRUMIN company – in the interest of the highest level of safety on the construction site – is also a manufacturer of building platforms, safety devices and the so-called lifeline.  


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