Self-dumping containers - troughs

Dumper Container Technical Documentation

Self-dumping container produced by Strumin is another product, apart from unloading platforms or belaying systems, whose task is to facilitate construction and repair works. Dumpsters are made of structural steel, standard surface finish is epoxy lacquer coating in red color.

The choice of color is dictated by health and safety reasons. It increases safety and comfort of users in the immediate vicinity of the works.

Szczegółowy opis produktu:

Our containers are visible on the construction site when moved by crane or forklift. The self-tipping container is designed and optimized for use as well as production. Minimizing waste and improving processes has a direct impact on the environment, saving energy and raw materials. CAD design, spatial modeling and prototyping made it possible to develop an optimal system for opening and closing the container with simple crane or forklift operations. The shape of the eccentric arm and its interaction with the container is not a matter of chance, but has been precisely designed and refined in the test phase to ensure the highest possible level of user comfort. Advantages of self-dumping troughs: – high comfort and ease of use; – bright red color – well visible on the construction site; – extremely useful during construction, renovation works or waste segregation; – unloading of the container “from a distance” by maneuvering with a crane sling or forks of a forklift; – Compatible with Strumin unloading platforms; – Container transport with a crane significantly reduces time and facilitates construction processes.-


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