Unloading platforms / building extensions

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The unloading platform makes it possible to transport materials and equipment on the construction site. It allows for quick and safe reloading of materials between the construction site and any floor.

Our unloading platforms (building extensions) are an ideal supplement to the work of the crane.

Szczegółowy opis produktu:

Their dimensions and load capacity allow for placing materials, containers, self-unloading buckets and many other devices used during construction works on them. Assembly of the platform in just a few minutes saves time both when changing its location and when transporting materials. Platforms produced by STRUMIN meet the most rigorous safety standards (declaration of conformity with EU standards), are easy to transport and solidly made, they also have all the necessary certificates. They will prove themselves on every construction site. Their red color is not accidental either – it makes them perfectly visible and directly influences the increase of their safety. Our unloading platforms have a load capacity of up to 4 tons. As the biggest manufacturer of unloading platforms (building extensions) in Poland, we also guarantee competitive prices. STRUMIN building platforms are available in three sizes. Their maximum load capacity is 4 tons. They are assembled with the use of two punches. They are characterized by the level of the platform in the ceiling level and the opening front. Our building extensions have a non-slip floor, safety points and balustrades with a toe board. They make it possible to transport long components. We offer long-term lease/rental of specialized unloading platforms, as well as sales.


Unloading platforms / building extensions
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