Single posts

SINGLE post made of galvanized structural steel with a height of 120 cm, used to make a safety barrier with mesh filling or boarding. It is designed to be fixed in the concrete substrate using concrete screws or mounting anchors. It allows for quick, simple and inexpensive implementation of a protective barrier.

Szczegółowy opis produktu:

A wide range of security products are available in our company’s wide range of products. One of them, among others, is a temporary balustrade, which is characterized by first-class properties and technical parameters. We are a manufacturer, engaged for years in the production of products, as well as equipment that affect safety and occupational health. Browse through our product catalogs and learn more about edge protection of the highest quality. Edge protection is a real Must Have on any construction site.

Improve the safety of your workers. Temporary railings are the perfect solution for everyone on the construction site

Temporary construction railings are famous for their functionality and durability. They provide excellent protection, which is required on construction sites whether working on a roof, deep excavations or engineering structures. The edge protections are fully tested by our qualified specialists. We have already taken care of every detail at the production stage. Using excellent materials, we have created OSH guardrails distinguished from competing products primarily by their resistance to mechanical damage and negative external factors such as pollen, dust, dirt, chemicals or unfavorable weather conditions. What is the primary function of these indispensable structures? They are primarily intended to protect the user from falling from a height. We encourage you to take a look at our perfect assortment.


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