About us:

STRUMIN company is an expert in the field of construction equipment and steel structures. The innovativeness, attention to safety, professionalism — it’s what you gain by choosing to work with us. We are the biggest manufacturer of unloading platforms in Poland. Our unloading platforms (construction outrigger platforms) meet the most strict safety standards, they are easy to transport and solidly made. We also offer belay systems, which guarantee safe work at heights.

STEEL is our speciality. It’s a wonderful construction material, which we expertly process. We process the alloy of iron and carbon in a way that allows us to obtain a product of highest quality, which meets your expectations. We work with black steel and stainless steel, achieving the best durability parameters. As a result, we can boast about the hundreds of conducted realisations for individual customers and enterprises.

The manufactory of steel structures STRUMIN has an own machine facilities at its disposal, which has a positive impact on the final costs of services. If you’re looking for leaders in the field of unloading platforms, halls, bumpers or steel stairs, as well as other untypical projects — we invite you to contact us. As a manufacturer and distributor of steel safety systems, we’ve built a brand that’s recognisable throughout the country.

In our design office, new construction plans are created for our customers. These plans are later professionally realised with the use of advanced technologies. We’re open to innovative, difficult projects that require an individual approach to the production process.

The durability, the high quality and all the safety standards — it’s our goal when manufacturing steel structures for you. We offer professional counselling at every stage of cooperation and ‘turnkey’ solutions, lifting thereby the weight of leading the investment off of the investors’ shoulders.

For years, we’ve successfully realised hundreds of demanding investment projects across the country, as well as across Central and Western Europe. Therefore, our goal is the systematic development, reinforcing our position on the market and reaching foreign markets. We offer services in the field of manufacturing of steel structures, steel and project elements.


EXPERIENCE AND PROFESSIONALISM – we’re an innovative company that has more than 10 years of experience in the processing and treatment of steel, both black and stainless steel. A good team of adequately skilled people guarantees the full service at each stage, which guarantees the highest quality of provided services. Our skilled staff includes architects, design engineers, system designers, welders, assemblers, as well as traders and office workers.

TÜV CERTIFICATE, WELDING CERTIFICATES, ISO NORMS – we have safety and quality certificates TÜV Rheinland Polska and certificates that meet the unbelievably high welding norms. All the structures and steel elements we manufacture meet the ISO norms.

OWN WORKSHOPS – we have production halls equipped with cranes, auxiliary facilities and a storage area. We also have our own power coating plant.

COUNSELLING – we support the customer at each investment stage, simultaneously unleashing our creativity. This is the reason why our products are fully functional.

INDIVIDUAL APPROACH – we act and react efficiently, quickly and effectively, which makes the money spent on the investment pays for itself faster.

ATTRACTIVE PRICES – as a manufacturer of steel structures, we offer a high quality of services at reasonable prices. We always try to meet our customers’ expectations. We guarantee the project optimisation, which translates to the construction economics and can significantly lower the investment costs.

Cooperation offer

We invite people, companies, suppliers, distributors and everyone interested in our products and services to cooperate with us.

We are willing to establish partner relations with:

  • architects
  • structure designers
  • landscape design workshops
  • manufacturers of aluminium structures and façades
  • construction companies
  • manufacturers of sun visor systems
  • steel suppliers
  • powder coating technicians
  • product distributors
  • general investment contractors
Unloading platforms / building extensions
SOLIDBOX burglary resistant cases
Self-dumping containers - troughs
Steel halls made of composite panels
T Nets
Steps and bridges