Self-dumping containers – tipping containers

The self-dumping container manufactured by Strumin is another product next to unloading platforms or belay systems, whose goal is to make construction and renovation works easier. The tipping containers are made out of constructional steel, the standard surface trimming is an epoxy lacquer layer in the red colour.

The colour choice is dictated by OSH. It increases the safety and comfort of users who are close to the works.

Our containers are visible at the construction site while transporting with a crane or forklifts.

The self-dumping container was designed and optimised in terms of use as well as production. Minimising waste, the refinement of technological processes has a direct impact on the environment protection, energy and raw material economy.

Thanks to the CAD designing, spatial modelling and prototype works, an optimal system of opening and closing the container with simple tasks performed by a crane or a forklift could be developed.

The shape of the off-centre arm and its cooperation with the container is not accidental, but it’s been carefully designed and polished at the test stage in such a way that the highest comfort of use is guaranteed.

Advantages of self-dumping containers:

  • shortening the time of operations regarding the relocation and unloading;

  • high comfort and simplicity of use;

  • bright – red colour – well visible at a construction site;

  • unbelievably useful during construction work, renovation work and waste separation;

  • unloading the container ‘from afar’ by manoeuvring the crane’s lifting swing or the fork of the forklift truck;

  • compatible with unloading platforms Strumin;

  • transport of the containers with a crane significantly shortens the time and facilitates the construction processes

We offer a long-term lease/renting of self-dumping containers, and also sale.