The Net System T is a protection for work places where there’s a risk of falling from a height. The Net T is a combination of two nets with a wide and thin mesh, whose goal is to catch people, big objects and small elements, and even semi-liquid materials, such as building mortar etc.

Siatka T

The structure of the Nets T is a belay system, which absorbs energy of the fall and minimises the overload that’s created while braking the falling body.

The Net T breaks falls from 7 metres, securing the circulation areas. Thanks to the unbelievably resistant structure and universal assembly by hand, it’s an essential part of each construction site and is irreplaceable during renovation works.

The simple, modular structure, adjustable ceiling handle (adjustment of the shoe offset 20–100 cm, self-locking wall-mounted handle), fast and resistant attachment — these are the advantages, thanks to which the net T will prove itself in many situations, significantly increasing the safety of not only construction workers, but also bystanders. It’s also easy to transport and store.

The company STRUMIN – for the sake of the highest safety levels at construction sites – is also a manufacturer of construction platforms, belay devices and so-called lifelines. In our product line, we also have LiteMesh nets.