LiteMESH nets

The LiteMESH system (LiteMESH nets) is intended for securing the outside edges of buildings, as well as for securing work at lowest levels and securing the circulation areas.

The safety net catches falling objects and protects people who are standing beneath it.

The LiteMESH nets are a combination of two nets with a wide and thin mesh. It catches big objects and small elements, even semi-liquid materials, such as building mortar etc.

The system guarantees an easy, universal and quick assembly to the forefront and from the ceiling top to the wall. Thanks to the system’s lightness and flexibility, it’s also possible to customise it to all construction conditions, which makes it uniquely universal.

The LiteMESH net guarantees quick and cheap safety at construction and renovation sites and safety of other works which require heightening of safety levels.

Siatka Lite Mesh

Thanks to our Lite MESH nets, you can secure the circulation areas from falling objects easily and quickly. The safety nets manufactures by STRUMIN are also characterised by low weight and the ability to be assembled by hand. Thanks to their structure, they guarantee a wide range of uses, simultaneously being unbelievably economical.

A light structure, easy and intuitive assembly, easy and flexible system, universal mounting adapter, adjustable net tilt – it all makes the Lite MESH nets irreplaceable at every construction site and more. Moreover, our safety nets can be folded, which makes storing and transporting them significantly easier.

The company STRUMIN – for the sake of the highest safety levels at construction sites – is also a manufacturer of construction platforms, belay devices and so-called lifelines.


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