Roof supports JUMBO

The roof supports Jumbo are used everywhere where one needs to relocate big vertical loads on frail ground. The roof supports are an incredible solution for the foundation of support structure under technical devices on flat roofs of residential and office buildings. The collision-free foundation system guarantees quick work and significantly reduces costs.

They’re used during the assembly of:

• ventilation units, VRV VRF units, air conditioners, condensers, hoists, heat pumps etc.
• structures under platforms and circulation and service bridges
• cable installations and air vents

The only limit when using supports STRUMIN is the maximum load on one support, which is as much as 600 kg.

Advantages of the Jumbo foot:
• simple and easy assembly – without any need for drilling and anchoring
• use on horizontal surfaces and on surfaces at an angle up to 10°
• possibility to customise the structure shape at each stage of realisation
• no perforation of the thermal insulation and hydro-insulation of the flat roof – lower cost and no lack of tightness during further utilisation
• no thermal bridges
• low weight – assembly by hand
• non-slip joint surface
• rust-proof protection by hot-dip galvanisation or hydrodynamic coating.