Gangways and bridges

Along with the construction development and the development of systems that optimise industrial processes, the communication issue between work places has become crucial from the standpoint of safety and economics.

Gangways, i.e. temporary stairs, have been designed in accordance with the requirements described in the EN 12811 norm – Temporary works equipment. Scaffolds. Performance requirements and general design.

Thanks to correlating the requirements stemming from the OSH regulations, economic factors, ergonomics and experiences from discussions and meetings with customers, we’ve designed a system that guarantees an efficient relocation between working levels to ensure an optimal communication, efficient transport of light tools and construction materials, with the possibility of fast disassembly and assembly at a different location, where work is being currently done.

Temporary gangways at the construction site guarantee three basic conveniences:

  • easy, fast and efficient relocation between working levels.

  • possibility of quick disassembly, relocation to a different place and renewed assembly, which allows to streamline the construction and renovation works.

  • when working on the façade of the building, they guarantee efficient and quick relocation, the change of the circulation area location.

We’ve designed the requirements concerning the tilt angle of the gangways, their width, the depth of the step, carrying capacity in such a way that easily allows us realise a particular circulation area that meets the customer’s requirements regarding the utility and optimal costs.

We deliver gangways that are already assembled and after performing simple tasks, i.e. adjusting the needed tilt angle, they’re ready within a few minutes to be placed at their intended location.

The adjustment range of the stairs’ tilt angle is between 35° and 55°, and their assembly, adjustment can be performed wherever the circulation area between levels is needed.