Belay devices


The Belay System ‘Gallows’ together with Personal Protective Equipment serves securing the safety of work at heights.

The system’s goal is to protect the user from falling from a height during construction works.

‘Gallows’ can be attached in a few types of sockets, depending on the needs. The system makes the attachment to the ceiling or the wall possible, it also offers the possibility to use an embedded socket or concrete ballast.

‘Gallows’ is equipped with an attachment point for the safety system ‘Lifeline’.

The low weight of the system guarantees the possibility of manual assembly by one person without the need to use a crane.

The Belay System increases safety, saving lives and health. It’s light, quick and easy to assemble. Thanks to its special bright colour, it’s visible from afar.

Additional advantages are modular structure and the easiness of storing and transport, as well as the variety of uses.

The Belay System ‘Gallows’ meets the following norms:






The Height Adapter ‘150’ makes it possible to increase the working range of the Belay Device.

A universal and comfortable solution is the use of big concrete ballast, which thanks to its mobility can be moved to any place.

The Adapter ‘150’ can be used in all types of sockets, which are present in the belay system SAS. The use of the adapter ‘150’ ensures the increase of the working area.


The side socket can be used in any place where you cannot mount sunken or dowel sockets to the ground. If you cannot mount a concrete foot, an easy and quick way to mount the Belay Device is to mount the side socket.

The side socket can also be used in the Lifeline System.