Anti-theft chests SOLIDBOX

The anti-theft chests Solidbox made out of certified materials guarantee the highest level of safety and durability. It’s a true bullseye for those who put quality first.

Thanks to the variety, finding the chest that will be proper for you won’t be a challenge. The discussed structures can be used in many fields. It is worth noting that they’ve been designed in such a way that allows them to be comfortably stored and transported.

Anti-theft construction chests Solidbox

Construction chests Solidbox decrease the risk of theft. They have a system of modern protections, which make it impossible to open or prise the lid. Even in case of damage to the hinges, one cannot access the contents. The lid enhanced with a finning decreases the possibility of bending the side edge. Chests of this kind prove themselves perfectly when storing construction tools, which are often thieves’ targets. It is worth noting that they have been tested in extreme conditions, which is the best confirmation of their high quality and reliability. It’s an investment which will pay off! There are many size versions available, so you can easily choose the model that meets your individual requirements. Each construction chest meet the effective norms and standards.

Advantages of construction tool chests

Construction chests Solidbox have many advantages that encourage customers to purchase them. The advantages include:

– Advanced security system – it is thanks to this system that opening the chest by unauthorised people is not possible. It should be noted that it’s been designed by the best experts and it’s been tested multiple times.
– Solid structure – the showcased anti-theft chests are uniquely durable and not amenable to the impact of external factors. They’ve been made out of carefully selected materials, which have incredible useful properties.
– High tightness – it reduced the risk of moisture piercing to the inside. It’s particularly important in case of electrical appliances, which under the influence of water could get permanently damaged.
– Comfort of use – opening and closing the chest is fully effortless. An additional advantage is the fact that you don’t have to use much force to do it. Another advantage is also the protection against accidentally shutting the lid on your fingers.
– Easy transport – the Solidbox structures are adapted to being transported with a forklift truck. It’s also possible to transport it with a crane because there are lifting swings in the handle.
– Favourable price – the purchase price of the tool chest depends mostly of its size. The trunk has to match the character of the particular field.

Who are the anti-theft chests Solidbox for?

The anti-theft chests Solidbox are chosen mostly by those who want to invest their money once and for all. The outstanding quality together with the attractive price are a guarantee of a good purchase. The tool chest can also be used by private individuals. The discussed products can be used, among others, in:

– the construction field,
– the industrial field,
– the production field,
– the renovation-finishing field,
– the automotive field,
– the electrical field.